The Crimson "E" Series Power Amplifiers

Crimson CS640E-III and CS620E-III power amplifiers have an uncanny way of reproducing music with a startling sense of reality and solidity. A way of presenting the recording the way it was intended in its full, dynamic glory.

As with all our products, we design these amplifiers by ear, listening to every single component, every change in circuit design at every step along the way. Our objective is to deliver the impression of real, live musical instruments in your home.

We believe that if we have done our job correctly, you will forget that you are listening to a power amplifier at all.

Crimson Power Amplifier Design Features


Crimson CS640E-III Mono Power Amplifiers

The CS640E-III Mono Power Amplifier features twin toroidal power transformers as well as dual bridge rectifiers in the power supply section, whilst the power amplifier module utilizes dual complimentary pairs of high current bipolar output devices. The CS640s have a signal input and output to allow daisy-chaining for passive bi or tri-amping.


Crimson CS640E-III Mono Power Amplifier Rear Panel


Crimson CS620E-III Stereo Power Amplifier

The CS620E-III Stereo Power Amplifier employs an inverter circuit which allows for bridge-mode operation (with a specially terminated input cable) as a mono power amplifier using all of the stored energy in the power supply.


Crimson CS620E-III Stereo Power Amplifier Rear Panel

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